Pstats - A Personal Website Statistics Package

The package is a set of cgi scripts which maintain statistics for your web site. They also provide a nice counter, which you can sport on your web page. These scripts don't require any help from web server. The package was developed to address the need for maintaining personal web statitstics.

Pstats Package Version 1.0 Released !!!

Download the package from here





You should include a line like
<img src=>
in your web pages to access the counter.

You have to give a unique 'id'. Other parameters

parameter       possible values
---------       ---------------
style           black, blue, green
iformat         jpg, png, gif


If you want to work on any of this, see CONTACT section.

*) Easy counter management for whole web site. The admnistrator should be 
   given a page showing all the pages in web site. He checks or unchecks a 
   web page and viola, the counter should be added or removed. A consistent 
   interface which contains this and statistics 
*) Seperation of statistics and cache. There will be only one log file like 
   apache. Every time statistics are requested a small cache database with 
   all the details required for showing statistics is updated. When the user 
   selects a graph or html format statistics, it should get from here and the 
   presentation cache should be seperate 
*) Configuration file... Read all global variables from the configuration 
   file and create an associative array. 
*) Log file size limit. So when the user decides cut down the log, there should 
   be a way to preserve old stats.


This package is release under GPL. For more information read COPYING and gpl.txt files.


Comments and bug reports to
Enjoy !!!


o   Invisible counter functionality. A good candidate for putting on
o   Page-wise referer and visitor statistics functionality added

o   Added visitor and referer scripts
o   Cleaned up counter.cgi to work with different image formats.
o   Added some more error handling. Modularization still to be done.

o   Cleaned up functions. Now the script uses 'use strict'
o   Added html format statistics.

o   Cache feature added (It should be much faster now !!!)
o   Added HTTP_REFERER also to logging variables
o   Cleaned variable names